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About Ali Katz

Ali Katz is a bridge for collective, multi-generational, wisdom based resource sharing. She supports the junior generation to build the self trust necessary to access and use their resources wisely, while supporting the senior generation to become the elders we need right now, with the trust and structures necessary to pass on their resources in ways that are nourishing for all.

Ali graduated #1 in her law school class from Georgetown Law in 1999 (summa cum laude) as Alexis Martin Neely (CA Bar License #212365), as a John M. Olin Law and Economics Fellow. Today, she uses her law degree to uplevel the consciousness of the legal field and the value for families and business owners being served by lawyers.

Via her work with Eyes Wide Open Life, Ali guides those who are ready to step fully into their roles as creators of the economy, wake up from and heal Money Dysmorphia and use their resources wisely, with grounded structures of legal, insurance, financial and tax systems.

Ali serves as a catalyst for new ways of thinking; she is a paradigm-shifter, lawyer, mom, author, and permission giver who is bringing forward radically new and much needed perspectives on how we make decisions about money, time, work, relationships, parenting, and business. She offers her personal experiences with living a new paradigm, ‘road less traveled’ life to serve as a model of what’s possible when we allow all of ourselves to show up fully in family, life, and business.

A Bit About Me - In My Words

I’m a lawyer, entrepreneur, CEO, founder, matriarch, and new economy personal finance expert. I founded two companies, one that teaches lawyers how to serve families and business owners in ways that make a real difference in their lives. And another that supports you to be your own best legal and financial advisor first, with right-aligned decision making around legal, insurance, financial and tax matters.

I work with private clients to support the highest and best use of your time, energy, attention and money (TEAM) resources, beyond the disease of money dysmorphia, so you can allocate your resources toward what really matters. And, when I’m doing my favorite work, I support families to bridge the gap between the generations with conversations and structures around resources that lead to the highest and best use of Family Wealth, at every level.

In my free time, I do a LOT of internal healing work and self-care so I can heal the patterns of dis-ease passed on through the generations of my familial lines and I write about that as much as I can, with the hopes of showing others what’s possible, and also to leave a legacy for my children, and theirs and those that come after.